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Beachy Wedding!

What’s up everyone. This is Jay from Aqua Loris writing to you today, sharing what we have been up to lately. Make sure to check out the video at the end of our post!

We recently shot a gorgeous wedding on #CarolinaBeach. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect that day. As the bride to be walked down the #beach, arm in arm with her father, a sense of joy and happiness spread over the onlooking family members.

After the #ceremony and a stunning first kiss as bride and groom, we took a few family shots, and even caught a #skittles #rainbow as the couple posed in front of the ocean.

Food, laughter and dancing were abundant during the #reception!

A special thanks goes out to the #newlyweds’ for letting Aqua Loris Visuals cover your #wedding day!

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