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Lotus Within

Good morning everyone! It is a beautiful day here on #Oahu, and today we are bringing you another exciting Aqua Loris Visuals #blog!

Today’s post is going to be focused around our recent shoot with the wonderful founders of Lotus Within, Alana and Taryn. Lotus Within is a blog/Youtube channel dedicated to understanding and discussing the topics of life and health through a yoga and #Holistic Health perspective. How do they accomplish this? If you scroll through their YouTube channel, you will find videos covering #healing recipes, how to incorporate #yoga into your busy daily life, self-love, aligning your chakras, and much more. Alana and Taryn bring these topics to light with their extensive knowledge of yoga and Holistic health, all while delivering the message with their caring, bubbly, and energetic personalities. Please check out their channel and drop them a like/comment and let them know what you think!

Here is the video we made for Lotus Within. Don't forget to watch our behind the scenes as well!

If you like the shots checkout the rest in our gallery below.

Big thanks to Lotus Within for letting us work with them, and also to all of you who take time to actually read this!

Until next time,

Jay P.

Aqua Loris Visuals


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