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Brannan Wedding

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and will have a happy #NewYear! Today’s #blog will be about our most recent #wedding that took place at the beautiful Gambill Estate! I must say, this might be my favorite one we have shot yet.

Our day began a bit chilly, yet with all the love in the air, it was hardly noticeable! The room where the bride and her maids' were getting ready was gorgeous.

By the time the ceremony started, the sun had come out to warm everyone up!

Afterwards, we were able to have quality one on one time with the lovely couple during sunset, which turned out amazing.

We would like to say thank you for taking time to read our blog. Please be sure to check out our video of this wedding below!

Until next time,

Jay P.

Aqua Loris Visuals


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