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China Town Music Highlights

Hello everyone! Can you believe that June is here already!? Where is the year going???

May has been a blast and we are stoked to bring you content highlighting the #local music scene here on #Oahu. The #bands here are truly amazing and play with a ton of passion. Downbeat Dinner and The Dragon Upstairs are venues we visit frequently, both hosting numerous events a week in order to provide musicians the best stage to perform on. Here are some photos of highlighting the various bands. Enjoy!


If you are looking to add some rebel space rock to your night, this is 100% the band to see! They bring something unique each show and are always fun. Check out their music here: MUSIC


A Hawai'i Pop Punk group that is a true throw back to the classic style of punk. Catchy lyrics, fast guitar riffs, and an energy that you won't soon forget! Check out their music here: MUSIC


If you are looking for a band that brings the party, look no further! The Common Dandies also have a new album coming out soon, "The Octopi and the Demon Eye". Check out their music here: MUSIC


We don't even know where to begin when trying to describe Chryst Moon. The best thing to do is go see her perform and experience her magic live! Her album "Poison of Preference" is out now on Spotify and Apple Music. Check out her music here: MUSIC


Bringing the blues, soul, and rock n' roll back to Honolulu! Inspired by bands like The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Radio Moscow, The Kills, and Band of Skulls. Check out their music here: MUSIC


A little bit of indie rock is good for the soul! The skate and surf culture has had a strong impact on their musical inspirations. These guys are as smooth as it gets and are guaranteed to have you coming back for more. Check out their music here: MUSIC


Our last band highlight is from Los Angeles, California. They bring a new and energetic take on indie punk and are on tour now promoting their new album, "World's Worst". Check out their music here: MUSIC


We want to thank each and every musician for greeting us with open arms and making us feel extremely welcome in our new home. Looking forward to our future friendships!


Myles M.

Aqua Loris Visuals


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